FenX Azin Music – Running From The System (Graduation Remix)

Original Eli Composition

The Early Davisville Years

Eli’s Cinematic Mentor, Stef Kuchar

Remembering Eli prior to all his fame and fortune!

Way to go – Congratulations Eli!! Love Terry, Niki, Ellen and Georgia (your cell mate!)


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From Dritan Bylykbashi Danforth VP Grades 9-10


Anita Felice Danforth CTI Social Work Department

Hey Eli! It’s Dr. Akamatsu.

 I hear congratulations are in order, so congratulations on your graduation from high school.

I’m sure this is not how anyone imagined you’d be celebrating your graduation. Nevertheless, you’ve done an amazing job, and I’m sure you’re poised to go on to even bigger and better things.

I checked out your website, and I enjoyed reading what you had to say about your music making. Best of luck with that in the future.

The Calgary Clan!

Rita Tsiotsikas
Former Principal and BIGGEST Fan!CONGRATULATIONS Eli!I am so proud of you! I had no doubt that you would be terrific in high school and in life. You were always a wonderful, kind, caring and articulate student. You really showed those characteristics in your last year at Winchester, when you supported and advocated for your classmates! In your last year, you also stood out as an artist and musician – I always enjoyed your techno-creations!

I wish you success in your new chapter of learning! So go be the amazing young man we ALWAYS knew you would be! Congratulations.

With great pride and admiration,



From Aunt Ene and Uncle Paul